Mark A. Koogler, Sr.

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Pastor Mark A. Koogler, Sr. began New Life Ministries as a prayer group in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  Soon, this ministry of New Life Worship Center (of Dayton, Ohio) would grow into Yellow Springs Apostolic Church. In 2012, the church was blessed with a building in Fairborn, Ohio and changed its name to The Apostolic Sanctuary.


Pastor Koogler is married to Sharon Koogler, and is father to four children: Amy, Mark, Brittany, and Aaron.  Pastor Koogler was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio and graduated from Kiser High School.  Pastor Koogler worked for more than 20 years of experience in shipping supervision.  Pastor Koogler enjoys fishing and many other fun activities.


The focus of Pastor Koogler's ministry is reaching people with the Gospel Message and strengthening the saints in their relationship with Jesus.

A Welcome Message from Pastor Koogler:

The word "apostolic" means "like the apostles". Here at The Apostolic Sanctuary, we are endeavoring to teach and live what Jesus taught his apostles. By the apostles' teachings, we develop into the Christians that Jesus expects us to be. We are encouraged through God's Word to love God and all of God's people. We believe the apostles' doctrine, and expect the same results as the early Church received when we do what the early Church did.


The word "sanctuary" means "a holy place", "a consecrated spot", and "a sacred site". In the Old Testament of the Bible, it was a place in the Tabernacle - and later in the Temple - called the "Holy of Holies", where only the High Priest could go to commune and connect with God - but even he only once per year! Separating this holy place from the rest of God's people was a curtain or a "veil".


When Jesus was crucified on the cross, the Bible records that the veil was torn from the top to the bottom! Now, the Presence of God is free and available for all that would receive Him and His Ways!


This is the heart of The Apostolic Sanctuary. Its door has been opened to anyone. Everyone that desires a place to meet and connect with the presence of God is welcome to come and experience the wonderful principles of God's Word, the powerful Spirit-filled atmosphere of a worship service, and the awesome Presence of Jesus Christ. This is a consecrated place where the divine service of the Lord and worship can be enjoyed, and where anyone can connect with others that also long to serve and worship Jesus.


For you who are in need of hope and refuge, protection and reviving of your heart, this is the place for you.

For anyone that is in need of the Savior, Jesus Christ, this is the place for you.

For you that desire to come and worship the Lord in spirit and in truth, this is the place for you.

And when you come, you'll find that hope, peace, and spiritual fulfilment for which you've searched.


This is the place where an altar is prepared for anyone to lay down the burdens we needlessly carry.

This is the place where anyone can come to repentance, be baptized in the only Name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved, and receive the wonderful Spirit of the Lord Jesus with the biblical evidence of speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gives the ability!


The Apostolic Sanctuary is a place where anyone should feel safe and come to know that God's Love is being developed in the lives of those that have received New Testament salvation throug Jesus Christ our Lord.


The door is open. The veil is torn. Access to God's Presence is available. We hope to see you soon.




Rev. Mark A. Koogler, Sr.

Pastor & Founder


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Ladies' Ministries Director

Sharon L. Koogler

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Sharon L. Koogler was born in Dayton and raised in Huber Heights, Ohio.  A graduate of Wayne High School, Sister Koogler went on to Sinclair Community College and Urbana University.  She has worked at Roberd's Furniture, General Electric and PNC Mortgage in capacities ranging from account adjuster to collections specialist. She founded the Apostolic Christian Academy, and served as Principal there for three years.  Sister Koogler is married to Pastor Mark A. Koogler, Sr. and mother to four children:  Amy, Mark, Brittany, and Aaron.

At TAS, Sister Koogler is involved in many areas in addition to the Ladies' Ministries.  She helps organize fundraisers, special events, and is a great substitute Sunday school teacher.

Sister Koogler enjoys sewing, and is helpful in just about every area of the church.  She's been with TAS since its beginning in 1997.





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Youth Director

Ian Devalal

Ian currently serves at TAS as a Sunday school teacher, sound technician, and Youth Director. He has been with TAS since July of 2012, when the United States Air Force based him and his wife at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

Ian was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. He attended IUPUI in Indianapolis for Chemistry and IU in Bloomington for Air Force ROTC. He worked downtown, Indianapolis for the State of Indiana for five years before joining the military. He is married to Brittany Devalal from Greenfield, Indiana who is active in the church as a praise team singer, soloist, Sunday school teacher, and sign language choir director.

Ian has been active in the community in his former home church in Greenfield, Indiana through Vacation Bible School, Back Pack Giveaway, and outreach. Before coming to Ohio, Ian was based in San Angelo, Texas where he and Brittany were active in the youth programs as well as soup kitchens in the area. While in Dayton he has participated in Hands for Hunger with the Air Force, feeding the hungry downtown Dayton, helped restore home and grounds for elderly in the area, and outreach for the church.

In his spare time Ian loves to be outside fishing, doing landscaping, or working on cars. He is very active and takes any opportunity to build, restore, or do any kind of construction/maintenance projects.

Ian has a heart for the spiritual health and well-being of young people. He desires to see the youth of our community saved and used for the Kingdom of God.

Building Maintenance Director

Brian A. Bowling

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Brian A. Bowling was born and raised in Alexandria, Kentucky.  Brian transferred to The Apostolic Sanctuary from Covenant Apostolic Church during March of 2002.  Brian is greatly involved in the Youth Department, organizing and chaperoning youth events for teens of TAS.  Brian also plays the drums at TAS, in addition to passing this talent on to students.  Brian operates the sound system, and often uses this gift to help other churches as well.

Brian is married to Amy L. Bowling of Dayton, Ohio, who is the Music Director at TAS.  Brian has two girls: Lauren and Lydia.  Brian graduated from Campbell County High School, attended Cincinnati University, and is now employed at Morris Home Furnishings as a Design Lead.  Brian enjoys basketball and softball, and working with sound equipment and systems.  Brian also serves as the ALJC Section 5 Youth Director, organizing teen events for churches throughout Southwest Ohio.

The focus of Brian's minisry is to train and teach young people to be God-fearing saints.  To raise up young people to continue spreading the Gospel, the Love of Jesus.  Youth ministry is so important - we coud be one generation from becoming extinct!




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Music Ministries Director

Amy L. Bowling

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Amy L. Bowling was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio.  She's attended TAS since 1997, and has directed the Music Department since March of 2002.  Amy's gift in music has allowed her to bless the congregation at home and abroad through directing the Fresh Rain Praise Team.

Amy is also active in other areas of ministry such as the Youth/Teen Department.  She is a chaperone at almost every youth event, and is one of the few who can stay up as late as the teens, but still be up in time for church!

Amy is married to Brian Bowling from Alexandria, Kentucky, and is mother of two girls: Lauren and Lydia.  She graduated from Northridge High School, attended Sinclair Community College, and currently works with TAS's educational ministry, the Apostolic Christian Academy, as a teacher.  Amy enjoys shopping, decorating, and listening to music.

The focus of Amy's ministry is to encourage and enable the congregation to worship God through every life situation.  Through praise comes revival.  Through revival comes new souls - whether in the sanctuary or at a street fair!





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